Monday, May 4, 2015

25 Before 26 | A Bucket List

My 25th birthday is just around the corner, so I figured it's time to create another bucket list (although I'm terrible at accomplishing them). Here are 25 things I want to do before turning 26 in 2016.

001. Learn how to make an awesome cocktail. 

002. Use my giftcards (& stop hoarding them).  

003. Go to the gym for at least 30 days straight (& after that, continue going at least 4 days a week). 

004. Visit a state I've never visited before.

005. Get a new tattoo. 

006. Learn a new recipe.

007. Shoot a gun for the first time.

008. Grow my own peppers.

009. Paint at least once a month.

010. Hike Enchanted Rock.

011. Attend a BYOB Paint Class.

012. Spend a weekend in Austin.

013. Go dairy free for at least one month.

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014. Bake a pie from scratch.

015. Have a BBQ on the beach.

016. Keep my fingernails painted.

017. Go at least one month with zero alcohol. 

018. Go to a strawberry farm.

019. Spend more time outdoors.

020. Read at least one book a month. 

021. Redo my wardrobe. 

022. Consistently blog.

023. Use my professional camera.

024. Learn how to use coupons.

025. Open an Etsy shop with Kevin.

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