Monday, October 12, 2015

What a Bust


Prepare to read a debbie downer post…

I was overly excited for the State Fair in Dallas last weekend. Even though I knew it would be the busiest weekend of the fair, I was not prepared for how packed it was. We arrived 30 minutes before the game (UT vs OU) ended, so for a while it was OK. But when the game let out, thousands upon thousands of mostly drunk college kids poured out onto the fair grounds and the walkways were so tight I could barely move. It was hot. I was sweaty. I was surrounded by drunk kids smoking cigars in my face. And I was jammed into the worst human traffic jam I’ve ever been in.

All I really wanted was a corndog and a fried s’more. I left without getting either. The lines were too long, and I just gave up. So basically we wasted $36 to just walk around a fair – that was pretty pointless because it’s pretty much like the Houston Rodeo that I’ve been to hundreds of times. Kevin & I realized we just aren’t fair people. I like to look at the animals and I LOVE concerts, but I don’t care about going on rides or eating all the food.

After the fair, we went to dinner at a pretty cool restaurant called The Social House. The manager and our waiter were really awesome. They recognized that our drinks came out pretty late, so the manager gave us free drinks. Then our waiter gave us free shots to apologize too.  

We also bar hopped and saw some cool bars… until we went to one called the Windmill Lounge that was voted one of the best bars in the country by Esquire. I don’t know how many drinks those voters had, but let me save you a trip – it was boring and they couldn’t make our cocktails right even though they were on the menu.

We of course stopped by Deep Ellum brewery. I tried 4 beers and hated each of them. One of their IPAs tasted like Oregano. #sorryyoucantcompetewithhouston

What else went wrong? Oh! We went to Angry Dog to get the “best hotdog in Dallas!!” and were completely disappointed. It was basically soggy bread covered in mustard and chili with a hot dog thrown in the mix somewhere.

Our AirBnB house smelled like a PetSmart and had flies all over the place.

Kevin’s credit card information was stolen after we pumped gas at Buccees yesterday. Within an hour of leaving, someone charged $150 there.

And that, folks, was my weekend trip to Dallas.

I do have to say, though, the weather was perfect (besides burning up at the fair). 
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