Thursday, August 13, 2015

What a Kardashian Taught Me About Being Thankful

I wonder if Kylie Jenner understands how lucky she is. I use the word "lucky" loosely because I'm not even sure if she is really lucky. I just can't find another adjective.

Does she know how rare it is to get a $320,000 car for a birthday present? With the price of that car, I could buy a decent house in the neighborhood I want. With the price of that car, I could pay off my car, student loans, Kevin's car, and Kevin's student loans, and still have enough left over to go on a ton of great vacations and put a down payment on a house and put money towards a future kid's tuition.

When I went on vacation in Hawaii, I soaked up every ray of sun I could. I looked out the car windows constantly. I explored. I took in as many details as my brain would allow. But I also wondered if people who live there understood how great of a place it is.

Do they wake up each morning, open the blinds, and feel lucky to be there? Or is the beach such a part of their regular routine that they don't even think about being lucky?

Do they breathe in the ocean air like I did, realizing that my time there was precious because my plane was leaving in a few days? Or, do they let those little things pass by because they don't think their time there is limited because they live there full-time?

Kylie may not see how lucky she is because it may be all she knows. She grew up in a wealthy family with a lot of opportunities (and cameras and drama). & as far as I know, she's always been surrounded by wealthy friends and family.

I take my city for granted. I rarely wake up and think, "Wow! I'm in Houston. This is great!!" because I'm used to being here. This is my home. But, people who are visiting on vacation, sometimes they say how great Houston is and how lucky I am to be here all the time.

Am I lucky? I guess so. I am alive after all.

It's like when I go to California and tell people they're lucky to be there. They look at me and probably think, "Lucky? I'd rather be in the Bahamas" or somewhere they think is nicer.

Our opinions are based on our lives, our experiences, our pasts. I'm sure there are a few people in Hawaii who are even wishing they could be somewhere else.

So I wonder if Kylie ever thinks she's lucky that she's able to buy a mansion and Hermes bag. Or, does she think about it the way I think about Houston? A lot of people love Houston, but I forget to love this city – because I’m so familiar with it. I’ve been here almost my entire life.

Does Kylie forget to be thankful because she grew up rich all her life, and being able to buy a mansion and travel the world is just the life she's always known?

**Note: I used Kylie Jenner as an example because I saw someone post that her boyfriend bought her a really expensive car. I really have no idea if she feels thankful or not. And, no, I don't keep up with the Kardashians.  But I do know that before her birthday she actually went to a Children's Hospital with care packages and donations. **
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