Friday, November 13, 2015

What I've Been Up To

It’s been about a month since I stopped blogging, and to be frank, I haven’t really missed it. I’ve cut down a lot on social media, going from someone who posted multiple photos a day on Instagram to someone who hasn’t posed something in about a week! It’s refreshing.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this past month, I can say nothing too crazy.

Except putting an offer on a house!

We struggled picking a house and actually put an offer on two.

One, I call the Staircase House because, well, it has a staircase, is big and beautiful with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and so much space to grow into. It is farther out of town though.

The second house, which I’ll call the Potential House, is the investment property. It is 1,050 square feet, built in the 1950s, and has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The yard is huge, so the dogs will love that! But, there is not a lot of space and the house needs

We had to pick between space or location, and we ultimately chose location. (Bonus that it’s less than 5 minutes from my parents!) Now we just have to worry about the price tags that come along with renovating the house and making it livable.

We should hear back sometime today if the seller accepts our offer.  Even though it’s not ours until closing, I’ve already started thinking about paint colors and floors. We also decided to knock down the third bedroom to make one big living room and dining room area. It’s not the best decision for resale, but when we sell this house in 5+ years, the next person who buys it will 100% tear it down.

I keep checking my email every 5 minutes, waiting and waiting and waiting for a signed contract so we can start the next stressful step of homebuying!

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