Thursday, April 30, 2015

What is Thirteen Ninety Eight?

Pineapples. They're pretty much everywhere, & I love it.

1398 - the year the word "pineapple" was first recorded in the English language, although it wasn't to describe the fruit. "Pineapple," derived from the Spanish word "pina," first described pinecones. It was only about 300 years later, when the word "pinecone" was introduced to our language, that "pineapple" became the official word for, well, the pineapple.

Weird name for a blog? Maybe.

Download this poster for free here.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For The Love of Tea

After a lifetime of rejecting it, I started drinking tea a few weeks ago. It was casual at first – maybe one cup a week.  Now I drink one cup a night and occasionally one cup during work.
Most days of the week the only thing I drink is water, but my taste buds were getting bored. I didn’t want to add any sugary packets to liven up the water’s flavor, so I figured I could try either coffee or tea.  I knew coffee was definitely a no, even though I’ve never really tried it.  Too much caffeine.  So tea it was.

I thought I would hate tea. That I’d have maybe two or three cups and call it quits.

Browsing the aisle at Sprouts, I discovered Yogi’s Skin DeTox tea. I threw it in my basket and forgot about it for a while. But after having one or two cups a day for the past two weeks, I can see a big difference in my skin. I looked online to see if others saw any differences and was overly excited to see it has almost 5 stars on Amazon. So, needless to say, I’m hooked on tea.

The problem? I don’t have any cute tea mugs.  Okay… so that’s not a problem, but it does give me an excuse to shop, right?

Buy them here: 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Summer of Beer Fests


As a beer lover, each Summer I look forward to the numerous beer festivals that summer brings. Here are some worth checking out this summer:

On May 1, the Wild West Brew Fest starts in Katy, Texas. Proceeds of the festival support things from Katy ISD to the Katy Rodeo to the Katy Fourth of July Fireworks event. With over 25 specialty craft breweries, you’re sure to find something new & tasty. 

Kemah’s Beer Fest takes place on May 2 from 1-4 on the Kemah Board Walk. This beer fest has 40 breweries and over 70 international beers. Tickets are a little pricey, but you can save a few dollars if you’re a Landry’s Club Member.    

For the first time ever, the ever-popular Wurstfest is having a Craft Beer Festival. Wurstfest is a German Festival in San Marcos, Texas, but for their event on May 9 they are focusing on craft beer. They’ll have over 80 craft beers available to taste. And, as always with Wurstfest, they have some great German music lined up for entertainment. 

Join Lucky's Pub and The Houston Press for their Houston Press Brew Fest from 2-7 on May 16. It’s an indoor/outdoor event with live music, food trucks, and of course, craft beer samples. If you still feel like drinking after the festival closes its doors, their official after party is at Little J’s on Washington Avenue.

On June 13-14, the Houston Beer Fest is taking over Hermann Square Park. This festival is huge, with over 200 beers available to taste. They also have a great music lineup (you can expect to see Chamillionaire there). Kevin & I went to the 2014 festival and had an amazing time trying a hundred or so new beers, listening to the awesome bands and DJs, and talking to the brewers. We are definitely going back to the festival this year! 

The BrewMasters Craft Beer Festival is coming to Galveston Island for Labor Day Weekend. This festival is gigantic. Be prepared for over 400 beer options to choose from. They also have a Food Pairing event and live entertainment. All of this right in the heart of Moody Garden’s 242 square foot botanical gardens.

I can't wait to discover all the new beer at these events. Are you planning on going to any of these?

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