Monday, August 3, 2015

Laziness & Chores

How do you define “lazy?” Is it someone who lounges around on the couch all day binge-watching Netflix? Is it someone who is active but rarely does any chores around the house? Is it someone who doesn’t have motivation to do anything?

To me, lazy means that you have things you should do – and things you know you need to do – but you don’t have the motivation to do them or you don’t want to do them because it takes too much effort.

I am a lazy person even though I love staying active. You'll rarely find me staying indoors and binge-watching TV all day, and you'll also rarely see me doing my laundry.

I can go about two weeks without doing laundry, which means that when I finally do decide to do my laundry, it can take up a good portion of the day. And how fun is that to spend your entire Sunday sorting, folding, and hanging clothes? Not too fun.

I also don't clean as often as I should. I honestly forget to. I forget that it's important to wipe down counter tops and mirrors. I forget that I should dust my bookshelves and mop my floors. I forget to clean the toilet and shower/bath. I only remember when I see the dirt. But if something looks clean, then I just believe it's clean.

I'm grateful that Kevin remembers these things. Kevin cleans the kitchen and bathroom. Kevin sweeps the floors. Kevin does his laundry all.the.time. If it wasn't for him, I would probably never (okay, maybe not never) clean the apartment.

I need to make a chore list, and I need to make sure to do the chores during the work week. The weekend always gets to me, and I cannot stand staying indoors when there is a whole lot of fun going on outside.

Don't get me wrong. I don't like dirt and piles of clothes everywhere. I don't like a dirty kitchen (I do the dishes about once a day) or a bathroom counter that's covered in makeup. But, when I can take those piles of clothes and shove them into a laundry basket.. and I can take my makeup and shove it into a drawer.. then that mess suddenly disappears until I'm forced to deal with it a few days down the road. And by the time I deal with it, it's of course a lot worse than it was when I first noticed it.

After I get home from work, I spend about an hour to an hour and a half walking the dogs, cooking dinner, and doing the dishes. We eat dinner when Kevin gets home and then we clean the kitchen, pack our lunches, walk the dogs many more times, and finally relax on the couch to watch an episode of NCIS. It's hard for me to make time to go to the gym or to think about doing laundry, but I'm finding that I just have to do it. No more excuses.

I think my afternoons will become freer because I'm starting to do crockpot meals a lot more often. My goal is to have a crockpot meal every night. We usually eat at home Monday - Friday after work, and we also get invited to our parents' houses for dinner a few nights a week.

The crockpot meals will cut my cooking time in half. When I get home, the main portion of the meal is ready and all I'll have to do is prepare the sides (mostly a salad or a veggie).

We tend to do dishes once a day and clean the kitchen after we eat. Other than those chores, my plan is:

  • Monday- sweep floors, vacuum
  • Tuesday- clean bathroom (heavy), laundry
  • Wednesday- **big brother - usually go to Kevin's dad's house
  • Thursday- **big brother - usually go to Kevin's dad's house
  • Friday- dust bookshelves
  • Saturday- meal planning, grocery shopping, clean kitchen (heavy)
  • Sunday- laundry, meal prep for week

How do you get the motivation to do chores around the house?

P.S. Blogs are so silly. I can't believe I'm writing about my chores.

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