Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bringing Me Joy

There are probably hundreds of small things I can add, but here’s a start:

++ reading a book that I can’t put down
++ BBQs at the pool
++ trying new restaurants
++ winning some extra cash on a scratch off ticket
++ remembering there are cookies in the pantry
++ playing my favorite song on repeat
++ bowling a strike
++ weddings
++ planning parties
++ holidays
++ driving through neighborhoods to see all the holiday decorations
++ baking
++ road trips
++ playing Cards Against Humanity
++ going on adventures
++ ice skating
++ watching animal videos
++ finding a new show to binge watch on Netflix

As for big things:

++ family
++ friends
++ waking up next to Kevin each morning
++ waking up to Zoey on my pillow and Bear sleeping with his head on my legs (okay, so sometimes that makes me grumpy)
++ having the opportunity to start a new job next week
++ knowing Kevin also has the opportunity to start a new job today!
++ health (myself, my family’s’, Kevin’s, my friends’)
++ being alive
++ having the opportunity to go on adventures

What are some things that make you happy?

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