Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Truth about my Break

Three years ago I decided to write a blog because 1) I love writing, 2) I wanted a place where I could share my adventures and opinions, and 3) I read so many awesome blogs and wanted to be a part of the community. One and two are still reasons why I enjoy blogging.  Number three has changed.

I remember when blogging was simple and people shared whatever the hell they managed to get themselves into that day.

Now, I stopped following the majority of those bloggers I used to read daily because they became oh so popular and now just have posts that start with “Thanks for XXX for sponsoring this post!”

I get it. You want to make money. But do you really think I need to read a “10 reasons why XXX will make your life way more amazing!!” post? No. I don’t.

I started following your blog because I liked your writing style and your jokes and you stories and reading about your [probably] mundane, everyday life.

Blogging isn’t fun anymore when the community you once joined is now just a bunch of people trying to shove products in your face that you just have to buy.

Blogging became more pressure than fun. There are more people writing “how to be a badass blogger” than ever before, and the majority of those posts include, “stage all your Instagram photos and twist your arms in weird ways to get the perfect shot and make sure your background is white and that your fingernails are painted and your hair is just absolutely perfect!”

Maybe I’m just a lazy blogger.

But, from now on, I’m blogging however the hell I want to blog, whenever the hell I want to blog. I’m not following any rules. I’m not putting time and effort into twitter.

Blogging is supposed to just be fun. I don’t want to make money from it. I don’t want to devote my life to it.

It’s just another hobby of mine. One that I hope to enjoy again one day.

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