Friday, July 10, 2015

Creating My Home: A Wishlist

If someone asked me if I was happy with my home, I’d say no. Not because it’s cramped, but because I’m starting to hate some of our furniture.

When we moved in together about a year & four months ago, we luckily had a lot of furniture already, but we still had to buy a dining room table, a coffee table, bookshelves, a TV shelf, and a few other small items. Of course we ran to Ikea for these items. Although they work, they’re not really my style and they’re unfortunately falling apart or are uncomfortable.

I feel stupid spending a ton of money on furniture for our apartment. We move once a year; I can save up money for a nice couch from Pottery Barn, but how will I know if that couch will fit in our next place? Sure I can narrow down our next place by making sure our fancy couch will fit in the living room, but that seems ridiculous.

“This place would be perfect for us, but we can’t sign the lease because our couch doesn’t fit in this space and we just spent half our savings on it. Sorry!”

So, I’m trying not invest in any nice furniture until we own a home – which could be years from now. Because I want to know that we’ll be living there for years and that the furniture will work in that space for years.

But, like I always do, I’m going to daydream about my future house. Here is some furniture on my wishlist:

Heath 2 - Piece Sectional from West Elm. I adore this sofa. I could definitely see myself, Kevin, and the dogs lounging on this couch watching Netflix. This item will probably always be on my wishlist because it’s over $3,000, and I cannot imagine spending that much on a couch, no matter how much I love it. Why? Because we have dogs and dogs are dirty. And when we have kids, they’ll be even dirtier.

Grid-Tufted Upholstered Tapered Leg Bed – Heathered Crosshatch from West Elm. I just love, love, love this bed! It's another item that's far out of budget, but maybe one day I'll be able to call this mine.

Box Frame Coffee Table - Marble from West Elm.  This would look awesome with my wishlist couch. I especially love marble. My only comment is I wish it was a little wider. It’s pretty thing for a coffee table.

A breakfast table nook. These are awesome. When I was looking to buy a house a year ago, I always imagined building one of these in the kitchens I saw. Unfortunately, most of the houses I saw didn’t have room for something like this.

A dining room like Kimberly's.  Actually, I'm obsessed with her entire house. 

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