Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For The Love of Tea

After a lifetime of rejecting it, I started drinking tea a few weeks ago. It was casual at first – maybe one cup a week.  Now I drink one cup a night and occasionally one cup during work.
Most days of the week the only thing I drink is water, but my taste buds were getting bored. I didn’t want to add any sugary packets to liven up the water’s flavor, so I figured I could try either coffee or tea.  I knew coffee was definitely a no, even though I’ve never really tried it.  Too much caffeine.  So tea it was.

I thought I would hate tea. That I’d have maybe two or three cups and call it quits.

Browsing the aisle at Sprouts, I discovered Yogi’s Skin DeTox tea. I threw it in my basket and forgot about it for a while. But after having one or two cups a day for the past two weeks, I can see a big difference in my skin. I looked online to see if others saw any differences and was overly excited to see it has almost 5 stars on Amazon. So, needless to say, I’m hooked on tea.

The problem? I don’t have any cute tea mugs.  Okay… so that’s not a problem, but it does give me an excuse to shop, right?

Buy them here: 

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