Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eat Whatever You Want

When I started dating, people gave me all sorts of advice about what to order, what to talk about, and how to act.   I appreciated the advice and that people cared enough about me to give me advice. But there’s some advice that I just couldn't follow, like when people told me what I should and should not eat on a date.

I know people want to make great first impressions, especially if they really like the person they are on a date with.  But to not order a certain type of food just because you’re worried what your date will think about you if you get ketchup on your cheek? That’s crazy to me.

If I feel like ribs for dinner, I’m ordering ribs. If my date becomes disgusted because I have BBQ sauce on my face before I can wipe it off .6 seconds later, then why would I even want to be with him? I understand if you’re meeting his parents or his boss, but if it’s just the two of you – why be afraid of a sloppy meal?

Trust me. If this relationship lasts, your date is going to see a lot worse things than you having a piece of spinach in your teeth or BBQ sauce on your cheek. What about when you have a booger in your nose? Or if you get sick and end up vomiting on him or you have to go to the bathroom for a long period of time?  If you’re with someone who can’t handle you when you eat a sloppy meal, how do you think they can handle you when you’re giving birth to your babies or when you’re living together and you get food poisoning one night?

Tacos are also on the list of things we should avoid. Are you kidding? Tacos are amazing!  They say it’s because more food will end up on your plate than in your mouth – and your date shouldn’t have to look at a plate full of food. What?

I did a google search “what not to eat on a date” and was really surprised that the first article was written for guys, telling them what they shouldn’t eat on a date.  This article says that guys shouldn’t order vanilla ice cream because it’s boring.  Supposedly, if you order vanilla ice cream, the girl you’re with will think that “You don’t take risks and you don’t enjoy the finer things in life.”

Another item guys shouldn’t order is salad.  According to the article, “A man getting a salad means he is either incredibly vain, incredibly cheap or dirt poor. None of those are attractive qualities in a partner. She wants a man who eats more than her -- or at least more than the animals in her backyard.”

I have yet to meet anyone who judges someone based on what they order off a menu. Is our society going crazy? No wonder people can’t settle down – they’re too busy ending relationships based off their date ordering a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

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