Monday, June 15, 2015

One Single Question

I like to think I'm a fairly easy person to get along with. I hate confrontation and arguments, so I try to avoid those situations if possible.  I try my hardest not to judge people, and I try to put myself in others' shoes before I jump to any conclusions.

I like to think I don't get annoyed or offended easily. But, there is one single question that never fails to get on my nerves, and I pretty much judge the questioner as a jackass almost immediately after they ask it.

When someone asks this question, all they're implying is that you're stupid if you don't know something that's obvious to them.

"You know that, right?"


Person 1: So, are you going to break up with Ryan?
Person 2 (heartbroken): I don't know. I really love him.
Person 1: He cheated on you. You know that, right?
Person 2 (through tears): Yes, I know that. Thanks for the reminder.


Person 1: I just got a new car!
Person 2: Don't you have bills to pay? And now you just bought a new car?
Person 1: Yeah, but I did my finances and was able to budget for it.
Person 2: Cars are a lot more expensive than just a monthly payment. You know that, right?
Person 1: No way! You mean things like insurance and gasoline? I had no idea.

Does this question annoy you too? Or am I the only one?

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