Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tote-ally Adorable | Favorite Totes Under $20

It makes a lot of sense to follow up yesterday’s post, which was all about owning less, with a post about my favorite tote bags on Etsy that are under $20, right?

I’m an avid window shopper, or I guess I can say monitor shopper since I mostly look online nowadays.  Okay, I’ll stop trying to be funny.

I don’t keep myself from buying something that I truly, deeply want. I can always make room for it in my closet. I’m hoping my post yesterday didn’t come off as “wow this girl doesn’t let herself have any fun.” Because that’s not true. I just have other things I’d like to spend money on than clothes and purses.  Plus, I really do enjoy the minimalist closet – it makes it so much easier to get dressed.  Although, when I fall in love with something, I do buy it for myself only if I truly want it and love it 100%. & if it fits in my budget, which is pretty damn tight.

That being said, here are some awesome tote bags on Etsy right now that are budget friendly!

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