Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Date at the BYOB Paint Class

I have always, always (and by always, I mean since last year when they became popular) wanted to go to a BYOB paint class. Finally last week I decided to RSVP spots for me and Kevin. I wanted to surprise Kevin, but of course he already knew what is was almost immediately after I told him not to make plans for Saturday night.  I’m not sure how he figured it out. I didn’t leave any receipts lying around, and I didn’t even tell anyone my plan. But, he somehow figured it out (he says it’s because he knows me so well).

The class we attended was a special “Couple’s Class.” One person paints one side of the scene and their partner paints the other side of the scene. Kevin painted the side with the swings (his group was called The Swings – which mostly everyone in the class started calling The Swingers instead.) My side was for The Tree People, who I referred to as The Tree Huggers.

I actually felt nervous before we started to paint. I was pretty sure I would make a complete mess out of my canvas. But, even after drinking, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it would be. The teacher was really easy to follow and if I messed up, I somehow found a way to fix my mistake.

This is something I definitely want to do again!

P.S. I can finally mark something off my bucket list.

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