Monday, May 18, 2015

What a Week!

Since last blogging, my life has been a little more hectic than usual. I attended a sales training class for work Monday-Wednesday, and I had to stay in a hotel (even though I only lived 20 minutes away).  I won’t lie – staying in the hotel was great. I slept like a baby since I had my own bed, and it was awesome to not have to drive to work and sit in traffic.  The class was pretty much nonstop. Breakfast at 7:30. Class from 8-6ish. Then a networking dinner that usually ended up with a lot of people staying out until 1 or 2 AM. I usually go to sleep around 10, so it was definitely a change of pace for me! Not to mention all the networking. I can be outgoing and talkative, but after too much, I like to have some space and just be alone. There was definitely not enough time in the day for me to do that.

On Wednesday the 13, I celebrated my 25th birthday. The class sang me happy birthday that morning, and then surprised me with candles and cupcakes before dinner that night. They ended up singing me happy birthday 3 times that day. When I first found out the class was during my birthday week, I was sort of bummed because I wouldn’t be able to see my friends and family – but in the end, I had a great birthday! Kevin even came up to the hotel and played poker with my coworkers.

I was supposed to stay and present to the class on Thursday, but I had to leave early because my sister went into labor! I’m now an aunt to a sweet, sleepy, beautiful boy. The baby came earlier than expected, but luckily my sister and brother in law were prepared for his arrival.  I’m still grasping the whole concept. It’s weird to see someone pregnant and then, just like that, they’re no longer pregnant but instead have a little human on their lap.  

So, my birthday was the 13th. His birthday was the 14th. And guess what? My sister (the mom)… her birthday was the 15th! How awesome is that?!

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