Friday, June 19, 2015

Mid-Month Check Up

D = No Dairy  || B = No Booze || S = Squat Challenge

01. This month I decided to stop eating obvious dairy (like ice cream, cheese, etc.). It hasn’t been as hard as I thought to cut out my favorite food (cheese), but now that I started paying more attention to food labels, I can’t believe how many things have dairy in them! For example, I recently became addicted to Vanilla Wafers. I checked the box last night and found out that even they have dairy.

Side note: Kevin & I usually don’t snack, so we don’t buy cookies, chips, etc. when we go to the store. But we thought there was a huge storm headed our way (Tropical Storm Bill) and that we’d be trapped inside for days without power – so we’d have to survive off non-perishable foods.  Since the storm didn’t hit like expected, we now have some delicious – and unhealthy – snacks.

I had cheese once this month so far, and it was just a few little dips. We got free baked pretzels & cheese – and I just had to have a bite.  Other than that, the days that don’t have a “D” in their box is because I ate something with some sort of dairy in it (I’m saying all dairy; not just the obvious dairy that I’m attempting to cut out. One of them is because I had Italian Dressing with my salad and didn’t realize it had dairy).

So far I don’t feel any differently than I did when I ate cheese all the time. Not even a little bit different.  My face is clearing up a little bit, but that could also be because I changed how I wash my face.

02. I stopped using my face wash that I’ve used for a few months now and switched to organic coconut oil. I figured that the chemicals I put on my face aren’t helping since my acne has stayed the same since I started using that product. I’m trying to cut out as many chemicals as I can, so I decided to give it a try after hearing my sister’s reviews and reading this article.

So far my face has cleared up some and my acne scars are getting a lot better! But I’m also adjusting to the new face routine (so getting some new breakouts). I’m really excited to see my progress in a month or two.

03. I failed booze-less June already. I do really well on work nights, but the weekends always get to me.  I’m starting to wonder why I’m obsessed with going a month or so without alcohol. I enjoy having a beer or two with dinner. I love going to beer festivals. I like trying wine. Why should I make myself stop enjoying these things?  It’s not like I’m abusing alcohol in any way.  I’m also the type of person who believes that you should eat a piece of cake if you want to—life is too short not to enjoy some dessert every once and a while.

04. Squat challenge. I made it a few days… Again, the weekend gets to me! I have these routines during the week. I go to work around the same time. I get home around the same time. But the weekends are always so random. I need to prioritize and not let these things (like laundry) fall behind just because it’s the weekend.

05.  I’m stressed because I ordered a package on Etsy for someone’s Christmas present, and the postal service said they couldn’t deliver the package so they forwarded it.  I contacted the seller, but I have no idea where my package is or where the postal service is forwarding it.


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