Monday, August 31, 2015

I Don’t Even Know What’s Going On

Confession: I had no idea the VMAs was this weekend. (but even if I did know, I still wouldn't have watched it)

I miss certain things about having cable: The Golden Girls reruns on the Hallmark channel, watching the news in the morning for weather updates, flipping through channels until I find something worth watching.

But I don’t miss the bill.  Kevin and I watch about an hour to two hours of TV on most days, so paying for cable isn’t worth it for us.

After being without cable for 6+ months, I’m starting to realize how much I relied on TV for updates.

I never know when new movies are coming out. I never know what new sitcom everyone is excitedly waiting to premier.

If you ask me what I think about the hurricane that just formed, I’d say, “OMG! There’s a hurricane?! Is it going to hit Texas?!”

When people are like, “Have you seen that new hilarious commercial where the guy does this and then the girl does this and then this squirrel is all like...” And I cut them off and say, “Whoa. I haven’t seen a commercial in over six months!!” (That’s a lie. I watch cable when I’m at my parents’ house.)

I have no idea what’s really going on unless I see a post on Facebook or Instagram.

I read the news sometimes (when I’m bored at work), but they don’t fill me in on everything that I’ve missed since I cut cable. They don’t tell me about the new movie that is on everyone’s must see list. They don’t tell me about what’s going on with Teen Mom people or if there is even a Teen Mom show anymore.

You know, like the important things that I must know.

But on a serious note… it really is amazing how much I relied on TV to get updates about what’s going on in this world. I now get most of my updates through Facebook and most of those updates are animal videos. Not that I’m complaining. But I would like to know that there’s a hurricane possibly coming to the gulf before it actually hits my house. 

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