Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Things I’ve Started but Never Finished

Fifty Shades of Grey Series – A drunk lady once talked to me for about 10 minutes about how wonderful the series is and how I must read it. Her husband kept rolling his eyes, which lead to them arguing about the books. He kept saying it’s about a man being too powerful, while she was adamant that it was the woman who was powerful. I think I read two chapters, so honestly I didn’t even get too far into the story to tell if I would like it or not.

Pretty Much Every Bucket List I’ve Ever Created – I am the queen of coming up with bucket lists per year (or sometimes per month) and never finishing them. I get about half way through them and then entirely forget their existence.

Almost Every Squat Challenge – I think I’ve tried doing a few of these. I make it about two weeks and then get bored. When you’re doing 50 squats in a row, going up and down and up and down, how could you not get bored??

Freshman Year Volleyball – I played the entire season and then when the off season came I decided hell no. The off season was too intense and too hot. It should be illegal to make kids run miles outside when it’s over 105 degrees outside.

Twilight Series – I was obsessed with these books when they first became popular. I was in high school and pretty much 95% of the girls in the school were reading the series. I read all of them until the final book. Why? Because I finished all the other books before that final book was published. I think I had to wait over a year for it, and I just didn’t care about the story anymore after waiting that long.

What are some things you've started and never finished? 

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