Friday, September 4, 2015


No one likes using port-a-potties. They're incredibly dirty (unless you are one of the first five people to use it) and they usually don't have toilet paper.  Even if they do have toilet paper you have to really think if you want to touch it because a million other people probably touched it and their hands are probably covered in urine or worse. Especially if you're at a music or beer festival and everyone is too drunk to even stand up straight.

When I use port-a-potties, which has been pretty frequent this summer, I refuse to look down. I touch the lock with the tips of my fingers and don’t touch anything else. I squat and then run the hell out of there to hopefully a portable sink where I can wash my hands.

I remember watching a Jackass movie where someone was flipped over in a port-a-potty.  It makes me cringe thinking about that and the idiot who agreed to do that stunt.

Yes, I’d love to be covered in someone else’s pee & poop, please. I think the audience will find that hilarious!

No freakin' thanks.

I don't know if you've heard about this, but there is something else to be afraid of besides the germs.

A poor lady at a UK seafood festival was minding her own business when a forklift carried her & the portable toilet to the other side of the festival.

When interviewed, the manager of the port-a-potty company said "it does happen quite a bit" because the movers pick the port-a-potties up from the back and can't see if they're occupied.

How about this -- stop moving port-a-potties while the festival is open.

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