Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Weekend of September

Bear & Zoey say happy Labor Day!

Shocked to see me blogging on a Saturday? I know. That never happens. But to be honest, this is a scheduled post that I wrote on Tuesday - because I don't blog on the weekends.

If things are silent here for the next few days it's because:

1: it's a holiday weekend
2: I'm outside enjoying BBQs and the last days of summer sun
3: I start my new job on Tuesday!

I'll try to keep up with blogging during the next week, but I'm transitioning to a new job and a new schedule. Traffic is about to get a lot worse for me, so that means waking up earlier and getting home later -- but overall I'm excited for this new adventure.

I will be back soon, so please stick around! Have a safe & fun Labor Day!

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