Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dallas Bucket List


We are heading to Dallas on Saturday, and I cannot be more excited to go to the State Fair for the first time! Even though I read that this weekend is one of the few weekends to “avoid like the plague” because it’s the UT vs OU game, I have high hopes that everything will work out and we won’t be stuck in traffic for ten hours. *keep your fingers crossed*

Instead of eating lunch at the fair, we’re going to stop by a local restaurant called Angry Dog for a quick bite to eat. I love going to local places when traveling. I don’t understand people who go to a different city and then decide to eat at Chili’s or Burger King. Why not eat somewhere that you can’t go to back home?

After lunch, we’re dropping our stuff off at our AirBnB house and then taking a cab or bus to the fairgrounds, where the real exploring begins. I’m not big on fair rides, but I’ll probably ride the Ferris Wheel (and freak out the entire time).

The State Fair is known to have fried everything. Besides having maybe a funnel cake and corn dog, I’m going to hunt down the fried s’more. I’m hoping that it’ll be as good as I’m imagining. And I’m hoping it doesn’t cost $15 because then I’ll probably change my mind.

After the fair, Kevin wants to check out at least one Dallas brewery. I’ve heard great things about Deep Ellum, so we’re going to their brewery for a drink or two before picking a dinner spot. Any dinner recommendations in Dallas?

On Sunday I hope to go to White Rock Lake park before brunch and our trip back home. 

I’m already counting down the hours to that fried s’more!

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