Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shoes & Blenders

I tend to hold on to gift cards for a long time, pretty much storing them until I have a small pile of them. This is great when you have gift cards to the same store (like Macy’s) and can join all the gift cards towards one purchase, but not so great when you have gift cards to a lot of different stores.

Luckily, I usually get gift cards to the same stores because only a few people give me gift cards. Kevin’s parents have always given me Macy’s and Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift cards for the holidays and my birthdays. I’ve saved them for about 1.5 years, mostly because I had no idea what to buy at either of those places.

But I finally spent them.

Nike Free 5.0

At Macy’s, I ended up buying myself some new Nike tennis shoes, even though I was considering buying new bedsheets or plates for our apartment. I chose tennis shoes because it was pretty much a necessity at the time. Zoey got out of her crate that week and ate the only two pairs of tennis shoes I had (and also some of my nice pairs of heels). But, I love my new shoes and the best part? I had enough gift cards to cover the entire purchase. Nothing like free shoes, my friends.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

At Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I bought Ninja Blender. I’ve pretty much made something in this blender every day since I brought it home last week. Smoothies are so easy to make! Kevin & I always have fresh fruit in the house, so all I do is throw some in there with a little bit of ice. I also made an Oreo Milkshake, which obviously isn’t as healthy, but it was incredibly awesome.  The next thing we want to make is homemade margaritas. If you have a recipe for that, please send it my way! (or any smoothie recipes, especially ones that don’t have dairy since I just quit eating it- ugh!).

This is probably the most pointless blog ever, but using my gift cards was on my bucket list – so I had to write about my success. Dork? Why, yes. I guess I am.

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