Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Dog is Not Aggressive

This past weekend we took Bear and Zoey to the vet for their annual shots.

The vet wanted to put a muzzle on Bear before she even introduced herself to him. She said she didn't want him to bite.

I wanted to laugh. Bear bite? Yeah right. 

When she kneeled down on the ground next to Bear to put the muzzle on, he sniffed her and then leaned into her to cuddle. He then stayed like that while she drew his blood and gave him two shots.

When we walk our dogs, take them to the dog park, or introduce them to someone new, most people go directly to Zoey. The blonde, freckled, smaller lab who would probably be a model if she was a human.

Not many people go to Bear first. Maybe it's his size? Or his coloring? I know it's not his personality. If people were afraid of the dog that showed more fear/aggression, they'd be hesitant of Zoey. When she's around new people, she squeals, backs away, barks, raises her hair... does anything to show she doesn't like you. She even snapped at one of Kevin's friends once. (Once she gets comfortable, she is the biggest lap dog. She will be your best friend!)

Then you have Bear on the other side of the spectrum. He is sociable, goes up to strangers, loves to cuddle with anyone, trusts everyone. Yet, people are hesitant of him.

Yesterday I was walking both dogs after work. A lady was looking in her backseat about to grab something when she spotted Bear. Even though we were about 25 feet away from her, she screamed bloody murder and JUMPED into the backseat of her car.

I know some people are afraid of all dogs, and I don't mean to make fun of them or say their fear is stupid. I'm afraid of a lot of stupid things myself.

But, to be afraid of one dog in particular, especially when that dog is Bear? I don't get it. He wasn't barking or growling. He was wagging his tail & happy to be outside.

I mean, look at his smiling face.. how could this guy be aggressive?

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