Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm Getting Old

I used to be “cool.”

I was around when LOL was first popular. I know what ROTFL stands for. And who wouldn’t know what WTF? stands for?

I can tell you who: Grandparents or anyone else who didn’t grow up when instant messaging and texting became overly popular. They may know what these terms mean now, but they didn’t know when I was growing up (when most of the people on social media and instant messenger were in their teens -- & grandparents/parents were thinking how lame it all is).

When older people would ask me what LOL stands for, I would roll my eyes and think ‘how could they not know what that means?!’


The other day I was browsing Facebook and ran across a Buzzfeed article about parents saying “Netflix and chill.”

I didn’t understand why these kids were grossed out about it. Who cares if your dad tells you that him & your mom are going to Netflix and chill after work?

I didn’t get why it was so gross.

So I had to do what I assume many older people did when they were trying to figure out what WTF? means: I had to google it.

And then I realized that I’m not longer “cool.” I no longer am on top of the new slang terms that come out. I’m no longer a teen.

I’m getting old.

But, in regards to that Buzzfeed article, I’m sure those parents weren’t aware what Netflix & chill really means either. 

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