Monday, October 5, 2015

Money, Money, Money… Mon-ayy

Kevin & I just became even more serious about our finances. As of October 1, we decided to no longer go out to eat/drink.

The rule: we get 1 free pass per month (it can be one dinner, lunch, breakfast, donuts, a night at a bar, a brewery trip, whatever).  Basically, we can spend money out once a month (excluding the grocery store, gas stations, etc.).

We’re allowing ourselves to go to friends’ houses and have get togethers at our houses. Purchasing alcohol at the grocery store is OK. Purchasing snacks/desserts/alcohol to bring to a friends’ house is OK.

Going out to eat and going to a bar and then going to 10 breweries a month = not OK.

This month is special, though, because we are going on a roadtrip to Dallas for the State Fair. Obviously, our 1 free pass is going to expand for that entire weekend, but we are going to avoid spending too much money by being smart about what we purchase.

We’re trying to save as much money as possible because we’re applying for a house loan in January. We really, really want a house with a yard for the dogs. 

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